Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sell out shows at Woodstock FF, Mill Valley FF, and Oddball Films SF!

Anura, Chris, Tom, and the rest of the GoCS mob had a good time at the Woodstock Film Festival. We had two screenings, and we sold out our second screening, which seems to be a pattern. We want to send out a special thanks to Meira Blaustein (the festival director), Laurent Rejto (Co-founder, director) Nikki Goldbeck (Ceres Press Deputy Director), and Gabriel Meyers (Assistant Press). I want to thank everyone at the festival for making everyone feel so welcome. It was really a great film festival. Special shoutout to WDST Radio (wdst.com) for the superlove interview.

I LEFT WOODSTOCK SATURDAY NIGHT and shot off to JFK for the Mill Valley FF in California without stopping or sleep. Mill Valley is such a beautiful town, nestled in the redwoods above San Francisco so heavenly it's where rock stars go to die. We had two screenings; the first screening at 9:45 on a Monday night was less than capacity, but the Saturday night show sold out. I was taken back when I found out the huge old Throckmorton Theater didn't have seats. They had about 300 plastic folding chairs. Maybe they should have rented beach chairs? The SOLD OUT title is somewhat erroneous but only because that is what the MVFF website stated, that only RUSH seats were available. There wasn't a Rush line so they lost some tic sales. But our show pattern persists; we open slow, usually with a bad timeslot, and close with a full house once the word goes out GoCS is funny. Since I grew up in the Bay Area, Mill Valley is a place where a lot of old friends could come and see the film. That made it a special moment, to go home with a film that the old gang can see and get a good buzz afterword. Though I chide MVFF over the weird stuff, the audience was really cool and even clapped during the film in parts and gave good questions and comments for the Q and A. I came away feeling terrific about the the warmly smart audience.

On Friday night we also had a private screening at Stephen Parr’s Oddball Films. It was also a full house (okay, there were three empty seats at the very front), but I have to say this is one of the screenings closest to my heart because last year we had a test screening of GoCS, and a live telephone feed Q & A after the screening. That screening in particular was a huge help in audience feedback, thus improving our final cut. I’ve been connected with Oddball films since the early 90s when we did GalleryBeat, and they provided us with a lot of free stock just because Stephen has always been a big supporter of every crazy scheme I’ve ever pushed in public. Oddball Films is an incredible resource for real stock film footage. If you need film stock for your production, check out Oddball Films.

Photos - top> Artist Dale Hoyt and Exploratorium's Beau Takahara. next> Stephen Parr. next> Mill Valley. bottom> Tom Donahue and me in Woodstock.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the Brink with Woodstock and Mill Valley FF's

Yes the market is beyond tanking and the US is almost half mentally "special needs", but the show must go on, and we're just trying to do our part to help medicate our stress with the redemptive power of art, love, confusion, etc...
We are just about to depart for Woodstock's Film Festival for screenings on the 3rd & 4th October - Friday at 2:15 TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE - order asap
and Saturday the 4th is SOLD OUT. Tom and I will be on hand for questions, DVD's, bribes, and of course, your emotional needs.
Then I leave for the Mill Valley Int. Film Festival where we screen on the 6th Oct. and the 11th. That is a Monday night show and a Saturday night show - so tell your California contacts to get on down to Mill Valley, a place so sublimely beautiful, rock stars go there to die. Q and A sessions for every screening!