Sunday, July 27, 2008

GoCS Hits Right and Left Coasts in August

August -10

The very established and large Rhode Island International Film Festival will feature GoCS in two screenings, and we’re very happy to be put into good venues and showtimes।

Thu, Aug 7 2008, 7:00 pm | Courthouse Center for the Arts

Sat, Aug 9 2008, 4:30 pm | Cable Car Cinema

August is a really prime moment to get that beachtime in during the day and an humongus choice of new films that, frankly, will be hard to see in any other way।

We wanted to alert our friends and foes to the film festivals we have coming up in August. We’re in the Downtown L.A. Film Festival at

Feature Film: Guest of Cindy Sherman
9:30 pm, Friday, Aug. 15th
L.A. Center Studio

What’s significant (one hopes) is that this is the first year of a new festival that is part of the ongoing facelift of the downtown area of Los Angeles. We’re very flattered that DFFLA made a strong pitch to us to include GoCS. Whether the reclamation and new urban development is a good thing is yet to be determined. We think the showing of Guest of Cindy Sherman though, is an improvement to the cinematic offerings presently found there! Only one screening so get on it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Film Festivals

To keep you updated on where we have been, and where we will be going within the film festival circuit, here is our present list. For all those Guest of Cindy Sherman groupies out there who want to pack their bags, and follow us on the road, the exact screening dates and times are on their way.

Tribeca Film Festival: April 23-May 4, 2008
Provincetown Film Festival: June 18-22, 2008

Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF): August 5-10, 2008
Downtown Film Festival-LA: Aug 13-17, 2008
Ghent Film Festival: Oct 7-18, 2008
Woodstock Film Festival: October 11-15, 2008
Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque - November ७, 2008
Denver Film Festival: November 13-23, 2008
St. Louis Film Festival: November 15-23, 2008
Torino Film Festival: November 21-29, 2008
Goteborg International Film Festival (Sweden): Jan 2009